Art By Leland
Self Portraits (just a few from over the years)

Special Mention

Roger Dean’s (https://rogerdean.com)
Scarab - Digital Download _ Roger Dean-Cropped-Small

Inspired my Insect Spaceship drawing from 1978
Insect Space Ship - Mixed Media by Leland Green-275x200 

Which, in turn, inspired this 3D version (after a study of a dragonfly, which is shown as one background): Insect Spaceship 3D version


SoundCloud has most of my stuff. I used to play a lot of boogie-woogie music, and I even wrote my own. It’s one of my favorites. (But I might be a little biased.) All are available for download!

Favorites first:
Leland Green’s Boogie Woogie (High Quality version)
(The Original ‘Pine Top’) Boogie Woogie An all-time favorite of mine!
Maple Leaf Rag is another all-time favorite. This song really got me playing and studying piano again!
All of my tracks

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