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Insect Space Ship - Mixed Media by Leland Green-275x200

Art By Leland
Self-Portraits (just a few from over the years)
Old Art new pictures of art. Mostly from the 1970s or 80s.

AI Image Generators and Creativity

Should a modern artist use "AI image generators"? Should they be used as reference images, for brainstorming with yourself, making thumbnails, etc.?? How about enhancing old low-resolution photos you have that you've lost the original of?!? Then using that as a reference, or basis of some work? How about using the 2D images they produce as "blueprints" to create 3D models? (E.g. in ZBrush, Blender, etc.)

Are these tough questions for you? They were for me!

See my thoughts (as-of 2024-03-15) here: Creativity in the age of AI Image Generators

Special Mention

Roger Dean's ( "Scarab":
Scarab - Digital Download _ Roger Dean-Cropped-Small

Which inspired my Insect Spaceship drawing from 1978 on Flickr.
Click this to see the full-size image on Flickr:
Insect Space Ship - Mixed Media by Leland Green-275x200 

That, in turn, inspired this 3D version (after a study of a dragonfly, which is shown as one background): Insect Spaceship 3D version


SoundCloud has most of my stuff. I used to play a lot of boogie-woogie music, and I even wrote my own. It’s one of my favorites. (But I might be a little biased.) All are available for download!

Favorites first:
Leland Green’s Boogie Woogie (High Quality version)
(The Original ‘Pine Top’) Boogie Woogie An all-time favorite of mine!
Maple Leaf Rag is another all-time favorite. This song really got me playing and studying piano again!
All of my tracks

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