Fantasy castle across the river, seen from beside a tree, with a lush garden surrounding the castle and aurora in the sky.

Welcome to

This sticky post contains links to my online presence that exists outside of As an introduction to myself, I […]

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Pen and ink stipple-work drawing by Leland Green... Copyright (C) 1978, 2016 Leland Green... All rights reserved.

Blog topic preferences?

I plan to write about many things on this blog. So is there something you’d like to see sooner than […]

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What animal does your face look like?

The king of the beasts, baby! I love this result from on Facebook. I think they got it right, don’t […]

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2016-07-03 10_28_53-Corel Painter 2016 - [Untitled-2 @ 33.3%]

Fonts! All new! All original!

I recently made some fonts. I’ve always wanted to do this. I actually started this first one long ago using […]

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Totally MAD-CD 1-Issue 1-Oct-Nov 1952(!)-thumb

Loading MAD Magazine CD collection on Windows 10!

I just got MAD Magazine (the “Totally MAD” CD collection from Brøderbund Software) to load without the physical CDs following these […]

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2016-06-15 08_08_23-C__Users_Leland_Documents_Art

Cannabis Comix #1 – Canny Can!

It just hit me, my character for cannabis just came to me in a flash, along with the first original(?) […]

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Iron Man Study_001-small

Comics Are Up!

I just created a new Flickr album for original comic art (by none other than yours-truly, of course). Right now […]

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Weed Mandala 1-512px

Weed Mandala 1

I created a new “Cannabis Mandala” (or “Weed Mandala”✌😎👍) today. The full-resolution version is available here:

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Doctor's Office Perspective - teaser - thumb

Humor in a Jugular Vein

This is a teaser for an upcoming series. This will be featured for sure: Hint: I may be featuring some “real-life […]

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2016-06-06 11_17_34-C__Users_Leland_Dropbox_Art_Cannabis

This is a typical workspace for me when I’m using Corel Painter 2016. (as you can see the “paper” goes […]

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2016-06-04 15_32_16-Corel Painter 2016 - [Creature 2 ...n-2_003.rif @ 45.4%]

Anatomy studies – Skeleton 2016.06.04

I recently started studying more anatomy. This is coming from a number of sources–books that I own, videos I have […]

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My Art Books

I just decided that all of my art books should be together. There are some that I’ve had since high school […]

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Pip Boy 3000

A fully functional Pip Boy 3000 may be in your future!

One of my brothers, Noel (, wants me to help build a fully functional Pip Boy 3000 (from the Fallout series)! This […]

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