Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(As good as it gets?)

I do not collect any data about you unless you give me your email address and/or other information (e.g., to subscribe), or indirectly “give it to me” via one of the add-ons (e.g. for Google+ or Facebook). In that case, I still do not collect it personally, but depend on third-party plug-ins to do so. For information about these plug-ins and specifically in relation to GDPR, see this page: Super Socializer plugin GDPR FAQ 

For Facebook, any plugins are subject to their privacy policy. For more info on that, please see here: Facebook “Data Policy”

I will never share your email or other information with anyone unless one of these add-ons allows you to connect it to your social media (e.g. Facebook) and then their policies will apply as usual. And of course you do not have to authorize the plugin for anything to see everything on my site… it will still show you my latest from my Facebook “artist page”.

In no case is your information with Facebook or other sites/plugins monitored by me or this server. 

If you want to unsubscribe you may do that at any time and you will be removed immediately.

If you choose to allow them access, some plug-ins may save and access your data on this server. Plug-ins such as “WP-FB-AutoConnect” does “Facebook sorts of things” (through their API) like logging in with that account.

“Super Socializer” will also allow you to enter even more data than on other social media sites. Go for it if you want and fill it out to socialize better!😊 No information is required from you (beyond the basic email, name, etc. to sign up, if you choose) but all is appreciated and all of it is tightly guarded with strong and secure passwords. 

In short, I treat your data as international law mandates that it be treated: very seriously and very “close to the chest”.

Thank you,