Space Shooter VR by Leland Green

Space Shooter VR by Leland Green

I’m excited because I released my first 3D Unity game as open source and you can play it in VR! (No binaries, yet. Should there be?)

None of the graphics, music or sounds are original. They’re all available from the Unity Asset Store in the Space Shooter Tutorial assets. The original 2D tutorial is here: I worked my way through it exactly 2 days before it was updated! I had to figure out a lot of this on my own because Unity 5 changed a lot of things. So I think that other programmers will benefit by seeing the way I did things.

You can also see the differences in a 2D and 3D game. I figured out how to take the 2D game and make it into 3D. (I’ve always been fairly competent at math, but only as far as algebra and a little trig. That was more than enough!)

And yes, if you’ve got VR, build it and check it out! It’s too much fun, already. 🙂

Most of the code is my own. I added the AIController class from scratch to make “smart” aliens. (I added several other classes, as well.) Since I’m new to Unity, it took me a little bit to figure out (but only a couple of days).

It’s still a work in progress. Eventually I plan to update all of the graphics, music, add new aliens, power ups, etc., and release this as a commercial game.

And who knows? Eventually, the open source version may get pretty good <hint> especially if I have some help. </hint> 😇

*** EDIT 2017.11.07 *** I have temporarily pulled the repository. There were problems I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say that I cannot distribute Unity Store assets. (And since I mix them in with my own assets, it’s difficult to separate. The solution is to create all new assets. This is not as big of a job as it sounds. In fact I’ve already got my first spaceship: Screenshot of spaceship model designed in MakeVR for Space Shooter VR)
Source code is here:

There are notes in the repository about optimizing the game for low-end systems. Basically, click the GameController object in Unity and change the settings. You can also change the two custom “Delay” objects that I have. Those control the delays on the AI, so increasing those values will make them less smart. (In theory – I’ve not got that far. LOL)

Please note that there is now a board on that repository. That means that team members can post issues, suggestions, etc. If you would like to become a team member, please send me a link to an example of your code (preferably C# – but I can read anything). No offense, but I’m going to be picky about who I allow. Alternatively, if you do not have any code online, please send me your resume. I’m taking this seriously. Also let me know if you would like to work on the open source or the commercial version. Of course if you want to work on the open source, you can just submit a pull request and I’ll take a look! 😎 (If you don’t know what that means, then nevermind – or else go figure it out. I’m not going to teach all about Git.😉)

Here’s a link to a very short video: Space Shooter VR (non-VR) Gameplay 20171105

And by request, a demo from in VR mode. Not a lot different except at the end when I show how you can turn your head and watch stuff. Space Shooter VR Gameplay from within VR 20171105

Spaceship amid asteroids with alien lasers in the frame at left.

Screenshot is from the linked video at 0:10. Note the alien lasers in the frame at left. 😎 He was a long ways off and would have been hitting me if I had not been moving! When they get close to you, they’re impossible to avoid, right now. So you have to suit them. (Clicking the image also links to the 1st video.)


Celtic Knot Mandalas

Celtic Knot Mandalas

I’ve been having so much fun drawing mandalas that I would like to increase my skills. (After all, they’ve been little more than doodles those for – believe it or not!) I wasn’t quite sure how to do this, and then it hit me! What if I could make a Celtic knot mandala?!?

This is not exactly a typical way to make one. Mostly because a piece is usually one or the other. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a piece that is both!

After two attempts, I believe that I’ve made enough progress that I can help someone else. My first attempt is here: 

It’s a little bit sloppy. I was just experimenting. But I explain my thinking.

And here is my second attempt from this morning: 

You can see, it’s a little better. I think these are just warmups, so I hope you stay tuned! 😎