SpaceTime VR: The Game by Leland Green

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Leland's Stuff

On this page I plan to share some videos, screenshots and actual 3D models you can download as a teaser for my upcoming VR video game, “SpaceTime VR“.

2018.01.20 – When aliens matter more than ever to some people, what to do??? Make better aliens! Of course! (Isn’t it obvious?!?) 😊

A ship design I like. (Recorded direct from Masterpiece VR, so please excuse my jerky hand movements.):

A hornet-inspired alien spacecraft.


SpaceTime Related YouTube Videos

(Note that all models shown may not be used!)



If you need more, there are lots more on my YouTube channel: Leland Green on YouTube

If you like this then you’ll love what I’m doing in VR.

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