I’ve volunteered to help out with a new website for *United Cannabis-USA* and *United Cannabis-MO*. I won’t be doing much, other than helping get plugins vetted installed. However, this has led me to a cool plugin called Maps Marker®!

As an example, here’s a map I just created of my hometown of Battlefield, MO. All I did was name it, type part of the name of the city and the popup found it, selected that and then changed the zoom. I have this configured to use OpenLayers / OpenStreetMap.org. (I think it’s all pretty cool!😎) You can play with the controls in the map and see how how you like it.

Battlefield, MO, USA

loading map - please wait...

Battlefield, MO, USA 37.118300, -93.368700 When you go to Battlefield  Missouri, United States of America, the pushpin that pops up is very near our house. I won\'t say how near. (Google Maps puts the center of Battlefield at the Godfather\'s Pizza on FF. We order from that one because they\'re so close!)

I have other plugins I’ve installed, but I like this one just fine. We can add layers, which can be defined. I think Maps Marker® maybe the one I choose, though.