Loading MAD Magazine CD collection on Windows 10!

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Geekness, Humor, Humor in a Jugular Vein, Just Fun Stuff, Leland's Stuff

I just got MAD Magazine (the “Totally MAD” CD collection from Brøderbund Software) to load without the physical CDs following these instructions: http://www.blogordie.com/2015/11/installing-broderbunds-totally-mad-under-windows-10/

The result is that I now have every MAD Magazine from (the first issue in) 1952 through 1998 available on my computers without needing the physical CDs! These are also searchable. Which is very cool!

(Unfortunately, I cannot share very many screenshots like this as they have made it tedious to take them. I believe that is their copy protection – and it is quite good!)

But here are a few screenshots for your browsing pleasure:

Screenshot of app with MAD Magazine covers from 1952.


Totally MAD-CD 1-Issue 1-Oct-Nov 1952(!)

Totally MAD-CD 1-Issue 1-Oct-Nov 1952(!)


Totally MAD-Special Issue #5-Fall 1998 (last on CD Collection)


Do you have a favorite MAD Magazine issue, topic or article that you remember? Just buy the CDs and you can read them all!

And I would love to hear from everyone in the comment section below. (Or on your favorite social media where you may have seen this.)