My Art Books

by | May 30, 2016 | Art, Geekness, Just Fun Stuff, Leland's Stuff

I just decided that all of my art books should be together. There are some that I’ve had since high school – maybe even before – and they have (almost) always been in the same bookshelf. So it just made sense to put all of the art books in that bookshelf.

I think you can tell a lot about a man by the books he reads. So, to that end, take a look!

Update 2016.06.24: After sorting through even more books, I now have 3 shelves full of art books. I’m updating this photo for your enjoyment pleasure. (Or something like that.)

3 shelves full of art books of almost every type. Instructional, historical and informational.

Oh! And I actually found some more, so I guess I’ll have to clean of the shelf below these! (Not shown.)

This is tagged as Geek Stuff  because that little shaman guy at top-left is holding an Intel Pentium chip. And the blue heatsink, near the center on the right edge, belongs on that chip. It’s not a Pentium II, or anything fancy like that. It’s a Pentium. (Pics needed???) Man we thought that was the greatest thing!!!

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