This sticky post contains a very brief introduction to myself and links to my online presence that exists outside of

Be sure to catch my other – soon to be smash hit site!🤓 – The Glow-In-The-Dark Man (

As an introduction to myself, I studied art and music primarily and then trained myself to become a computer programmer and worked my way to the top of that profession in a 21+ year career. My last job title was “Advanced Software Engineer”. Unfortunately I have a lot of health problems and I am on disability now. I usually can’t do too much physically – and I still can’t type much. I’m using Dragon Professional Individual to dictate this – I love this software and it has allowed me to regain some of my online presence.

As promised, here are a few links to stuff from I and I 😉

— Art —

Some drawings I did on my iPad (before my stylus broke). This is my “Art by Leland” playlist:

For now, you can buy my glow-in-the-dark stuff:

Here in my Etsy shop:

More glow photos in this Glow-in-the-Dark Facebook page.

My “Art By Leland” collection on Google+ (some of that links back to my pieces on Flickr):

Speaking of Zen (were we?), check out
my new Zen Cart website:
(I’m working on this, so no products there just yet. Stay tuned!)

The Deviant Me. 🙂  A few things from me on
Contains a few pieces of recent digital art.

My art album on Flickr
Contains photos of older artwork alongside newer digital work.
My Mandala gallery on Flickr
And generally, my Flickr page.
This is where the majority of my “keeper” photos are stored.
So there’s a lot of (older) family photos, but a lot you’ll probably be interested in, too.


My soundcloud page
Contains my newest digital downloads.

I released a free CD in 1998 called, Boogie for Christmas.
It has a lot of Christmas songs played to boogie-woogie beat :),
and a few non-Christmas songs, too. I still love the The Maple Leaf Rag!
And (The Original “Pine Top”) Boogie Woogie!
What do you think?

—Geek Stuff—

My home on Just a few odds-and-ends. A bit of C# and a bit more of Python.

—Me In General

My Facebook profile is completely open to the public. You can see everything that my friends and family can see, even if you are not logged into Facebook!  While you’re there, please check out my photo albums, too.

Me on Google+ I’ve got a little art on there and a little of everything.

My old, old Google Sites page This is from 2008 when I published my Boogie For Christmas CD. You can still download it for free in high-quality audio from this site. It has some ragtime, too… check it out!

—Privacy Policy—

I promise I will never use your email at all, unless you sign up for one of my mailing lists. (Which I don’t have yet, so at this point I will not use your email at all!) If/when I do create a mailing list it will be strictly “opt-in” and I will never, ever give away or sell your contact information to anyone. Even if I were to sell “this page”, I would not give away your emails and would destroy all contact info I had collected before the site was transferred to a new owner. With the sole exception of my demise. (Rumors of which have been greatly exaggerated. 😉 ) In such an event, the person designated to inherit all of my online data would receive your contact info. Currently the only such person is my wife. I’m quite certain that she will never use your info, either.

—In Summary—

If you’re still with me, thank you for at least reading this page to learn what I’m all about. (At least the online me.) I love comments. Especially intelligent thoughts or good questions. Feel free to comment on anything and everything.