The White Family Singers at Robert Barnes’ Funeral 20150504

by | May 5, 2016 | Leland's Stuff

I just uploaded this very inspirational video to YouTube:

I hope you will watch and enjoy it! Comment here on my blog, there on YouTube, or anywhere you see this linked (by me, especially), no matter your religion (or lack thereof!). I think everyone can appreciate this at some level!

My uncle, Robert Gerald Barnes was buried May 5th, 2016 with full military honors, including taps and a 21-gun salute! I was named as an honorary pallbearer. That was, indeed, an honor for me! My cousin Cheryl Barnes-Barnett asked me to make a video of the funeral and burial, and all of the military honors.

The family also requested that I not make the entire video public, but only this one of the singers, and the taps and 21-gun salute, which I will upload later (and update this post to include it, rather than creating a new post). Please stay tuned if you are reading this text! ??