Yes, those kind of comics. I’ve been drawing them since I was very young. I have recently gotten started with it again. Check this out Iron Man drawing that I made around 1972! I was better then than I am now, I’m sad to say! ? Perhaps we’ll have to just do something about that! ??

Iron Man by Leland Green ~1972_001

Note the “signature” is still printed and not cursive! This is one way to date my work. I changed to a cursive signature during my first year in high school (1972) so this is, at latest, 1972. I think I really drew it in junior high (middle) school, so it was probably before that….

IMPORTANT: Iron Man is copyright (c) Marvel Comics. They own all the rights!
This is posted for educational purposes ONLY. I am allowed to do this because I made this drawing. However, I am not allowed to resell it or otherwise profit from it.
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