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I write some of the articles on Section9 and others are written by people I used to work with. So far that describes us all, although you may be able to get yourself added to the group, whether you worked with us or not. I, for one, would like to see our membership grow, especially with people who can write good technical articles.?

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the article about Mjolnir!

Black cat curled-up next to robot with treads (like a tank), a camera and lots of wires and parts. :)
Mjolnir final design

I was fortunate enough to help troubleshoot the hardware on this robot and I wrote the “server” code (that runs on the robot). My friend Timothy Schoonover wrote the Android client code that integrates a live video feed. Lots of fun! And all source code and design schematics are available for free!

Five grown men in front of a shop window.
This is the Section9 team just after completion of Mjolnir robot. And yes, that’s me in the hat. (I look a little different now.)